The Things We Make Up

On a colorful fall afternoon, fifty financial advisors from around the country arrived at an inn in Middle Tennessee.  Their purpose was to engage in conversations about life, meaning, mission and how money intertwines.  It is a group of accomplished professionals, and I was honored to be invited to attend. At breakfast the next morning I was greeted by Ed, a long time member. “Good morning, what a beautiful blue …
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The Secret Weapon to Your Success

Every now and then, when I’m working with a client or talking to a friend, a strange thing happens – I realize the issue they are dealing with is one that deserves attention in my own life. Recently, I was doing strategic planning with Chad, a nice soft-spoken guy who, although he’s the boss, is always the first one to lend a hand on whatever project needs help.  In fact, …
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How to Build a Fantastic Launching Pad for Your Future (It’s Easy!)

Clearly all of us have had positive, fun, rewarding experiences and we’ve all obviously had the opposite – frustrating, negative, painful experiences. How we put them together and the story we tell ourselves about them, is actually what decides our future. In the landscape of my life, I’ve seen high points and low points.  Times I was treated unfairly, had my feelings hurt, my value was called into question, my …
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Podcast: A Purpose Changes Your Employees and Your Business

A Purpose Changes Your Employees and Your Business – Presented by Suntrust Banks A strong mission statement can improve morale, boost your company’s bottom line and change the world. Elizabeth Crook creates professional mission statements for business owners and shares tips for finding a company’s purpose. September 2015 Listen to Podcast