What Message Are You Missing?

When I was in college, one of my philosophy professors suggested I should study at Harvard because I saw things in a different way.  In my twenties, my future husband told me I was smart and insightful and challenged me to live larger in my career.  A decade later, a mentor urged me to be less modest about the fresh perspective I brought to situations.  In spite of all these …
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Podcast: Women Taking the Lead with Jodi Flynn

This podcast offers a unique opportunity to listen in on what is on the minds of successful women leaders: what were their wake-up calls, how did they develop their leadership style, and what are they doing to continue to advance themselves as leaders within their own organizations and as entrepreneurs. Podcast 168: Elizabeth Crook on How to Achieve Unconscious Competence LISTEN TO PODCAST  

Podcast: 1 Simple Thing with Dave Kirby

        So what about 1 Simple Thing?  Just one small action you can take today to make your life better, your business better, or your world better.  Welcome to a family of people who understand happiness is more than a bottom line. It’s about being healthy, wealthy and wise.  It’s about achieving that balance between work and life that makes both possible. You can build a better …
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Podcast: The Yes Effect

In this episode you’ll learn: How to take others advice and believe in yourself How sometimes the only way to realize or accept your greatness is to have an internal recognition and connection What the word “strategy” really means to Elizabeth How to find your talents by revealing your knowledge or processes along with what energizes you How to acknowledge and recognize a limiting belief that is holding you back …
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