How to Build a Fantastic Launching Pad for Your Future (It’s Easy!)

Clearly all of us have had positive, fun, rewarding experiences and we’ve all obviously had the opposite – frustrating, negative, painful experiences. How we put them together and the story we tell ourselves about them, is actually what decides our future. In the landscape of my life, I’ve seen high points and low points.  Times I was treated unfairly, had my feelings hurt, my value was called into question, my …
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Podcast: A Purpose Changes Your Employees and Your Business

A Purpose Changes Your Employees and Your Business – Presented by Suntrust Banks A strong mission statement can improve morale, boost your company’s bottom line and change the world. Elizabeth Crook creates professional mission statements for business owners and shares tips for finding a company’s purpose. September 2015 Listen to Podcast

What Are You Being Called To Do?

Are you left or right, red or blue, Republican or Democrat, public schools or charter schools, for funding Planned Parenthood or against it, believe or deny global warming?  The list is endless and exhausting.  We seem to live in a world that is increasingly polarized.  We are asked to be loyal to one way of thinking or another. Like most of us, I have found myself assuming that people who …
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What Are You Trying to Hide?

In the South, there is a saying that nothing looks more like a bottle of whiskey than a bottle of whiskey in a paper sack.  There are some things we just can’t hide! If you are a regular reader, you know that last week I was at the Social Venture Institute on Cortes Island, British Columbia.  All this week I’ve enjoyed reliving those memories as many people posted pictures on …
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Your Hidden Power

Cortes Island is an emerald green gem sitting in a sapphire setting that rests along Desolation Sound and the mainland coast of British Columbia.  Both its charms and its challenges come from being an island.  Having spent five days at the Social Venture Institute, it was time to head back to Vancouver where I am this week. As luck would have it, my planned transportation off the island got cancelled …
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