Think Bigger. Act Smarter. Live Richer.

This is for people who strive to THINK BIGGER. Thinking bigger notices changed circumstances and fresh perspectives – opening up new possibilities.

When we THINK BIGGER we can ACT SMARTER, making better choices. We know who we are and what we want to accomplish.

And when we are achieving the results we want while being true to our talents and values, we are indeed LIVING RICHER. It should be living more richly…but you get the point.

THINK BIGGER. ACT SMARTER. LIVE RICHER helps people thrive — integrating their work and their lives, with each supporting the other.

Our clients experience a sense of clarity, control and satisfaction not only in their work but in the other roles they play whether, athlete, artist, activist, or family member.

Our goal — every morning everybody can shout YIPPEE!

We offer consulting, speaking, workshops/retreats and webinars that are lively, insightful and practical.

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